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Inspired by the Westworld, 1973 American science-fiction Western thriller film written and directed by Michael Crichton. Its plot concerns amusement park androids that malfunction and begin killing visitors. It stars Yul Brynner as an android in a futuristic Western-themed amusement park, and Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as guests of the park.

Movie Posters - Westworld (MGM, 1973)
Movie Posters – Westworld (MGM, 1973)

The creators and computer operators are confident in the machines … „Westworld …where robot men and women are programmed to serve you for …Romance …Violence …Anything” and „…Where nothing can possibly go wrong!”. They miss out that so complex machines can achieve self awareness and one day they react against humans.

The technicians running Delos notice problems beginning to spread like an infection among the androids: the androids in Roman World and Medieval World begin experiencing an increasing number of breakdowns and systemic failures, which are said to have spread to Westworld.

When one of the supervising computer scientists scoffs at the „analogy of an infectious disease”, he is told by the chief supervisor „We aren’t dealing with ordinary machines here.

These are highly complicated pieces of equipment, almost as complicated as living organisms. In some cases, they’ve been designed by other computers. We don’t know exactly how they work.”

The malfunctions become more serious when a robotic rattlesnake bites Blane in Westworld, and, against its programming, a female android refuses a guest’s advances in Medieval World. The failures escalate until Medieval World’s Black Knight android kills a guest in a sword fight. The resort’s supervisors try to regain control by shutting down power to the entire park.

However, the shutdown traps them in central control when the doors automatically lock, unable to turn the power back on and escape. Meanwhile, the androids in all three worlds run amok, operating on reserve power.

Finally all become a fiasco and a grande massacre.

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